I enjoy a smorgasbord. I appreciate a church potluck. I especially love it when friends come over, everyone brings their best dish, and we eat like kings.  When I look at the difference between eating just what I made or getting to taste all of it, there’s no comparison. My dish alone isn’t usually a meal. It’s not going to feed a ton of people, and, on its own, may not have all the major food groups or the necessary vitamins and minerals to feed me well. Put it with the rest of the dishes, though, and voila! It’s a meal to feed twice as many people as there are in the room. It feels like abundance, every time.

That’s what the Community Purse giving circle reminds me of – everyone bringing their best to give. We could all give our own hundred-dollar bill to any of the worthy organizations we support, and it would be appreciated and well used. It’s a great bite. But, when we all come together, with money we worked hard to get and are giving freely, for the organizations receiving it, it’s a meal.

It is the difference between being able to pay a small bill and being able to buy a piece of equipment; between putting aside money to pay for a larger need and happily paying it all at once. At Community Purse, we all bring our best and create an opportunity for our organizations that they didn’t have before.

I Timothy 6:8 says, “Tell them to do good, to be rich in good deeds and to be generous and willing to share.”  We give and share from the blessings God has given us, to help with what needs fixing in the world that we can’t do ourselves. Alone, we can only do so much. Together, we are formidable. We gather, we listen, and we give. All of the money given goes straight to the organization chosen by the members. It’s clean and it’s quick.  Imagine knowing a need that was not possible an hour ago can now be implemented – it is a satisfaction unlike any other.

Alone, we can only do so much. Together, we are formidable

Please join us at one of our chapter meetings and scope us out. Hear about the great work that is happening in your county and how we can play a part in helping it to grow. Give your bite and watch it become a full meal.



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