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At Community Purse, we understand you want to make a difference, but may have limited time and resources. Our giving circles, inspired by Christian values, provide a way to multiply a single donation and connect you with nonprofits to improve the lives of vulnerable people in your community.

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Manna on Mission

Manna on Mission

Every charitable organization has limits.  There’s only so much money, only so much time, and only so many hours that can be spent furthering the mission on which it stands.  I would wager to say that most of these enterprises also have goals and dreams that aren’t...

Potluck Philanthropy – All In It Together

Potluck Philanthropy – All In It Together

I enjoy a smorgasbord. I appreciate a church potluck. I especially love it when friends come over, everyone brings their best dish, and we eat like kings.  When I look at the difference between eating just what I made or getting to taste all of it, there’s no...

You Have to Love a Good Registry

You Have to Love a Good Registry

It’s quickly becoming wedding season, and one of the best parts of getting invited to that celebration is scanning the couple’s registry and seeing what they like and what means something to them. Is it the beautiful dishes they will have forever, 800 thread count...

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“I didn’t know I could have this kind of impact by joining a giving circle!”

“Tell them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

1 Timothy 6:18