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The Surprising Benefits of a “Mock Move”

By Carolyn B. Dun Early in my marriage, my husband and I moved with our young family four times: from Chicago to St. Louis, St. Louis to Orlando, Orlando to Dallas, and Dallas to Chicago. The moves were always work-related and it was exciting to find a new house and...

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Fundraising as Ministry

By Carolyn B. Dun, Community Purse Founder   “Fundraising is first and foremost a form of ministry… Fundraising is as spiritual as giving a sermon, entering a time of prayer, visiting the sick, or feeding the hungry.” Henri J. M. Nouwen, A Spirituality of...

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Our Favorite Phone Apps

Community Purse members want to make the most of their time, treasure and talent so, of course, it makes sense that we use mobile phone apps! The apps below will definitely help with time and treasure. It is up to YOU to apply your talent toward using these apps....

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